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Elementary Grade 1 students:

1、Enrollment: 6 to 7 years old children. No family household restriction, all students meet the requirements are qualified for application. 
2、Requirements:  all healthy students with good conduct and basic learning ability.
3、Enrollment plan:        
  International gifted Track: 4 classes,  25 students each
  Math Experimental Track: 2 classes,  45 students each
4、Application Procedure:
  I    How to apply: Online application or filling in the application forms in the admissions office.
  II   Comprehensive evaluation: Join the evaluation at school. 
  III  Health Check: all students pass the evaluation will have a health check in designated hospital.
  IV  Pay fees: All admitted student pay the fees on the first floor of the admissions office.
5、Schooling:  day school, boarding or half-day boarding.