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Grade 6 (2) Gifted Education Class 

To explore gifted youth education model, shorten the elementary, junior middle school study period,  assist the students in preparing  for top 10 domestic universities such as the Tsinghua University or the Peking University.
Shenzhen Yaohua Experimental School admits students throughout Shenzhen City for Grade 6(2) Gifted Education Class. 
Upon completion of junior middle school study, Grade 6(2) class students can choose to study in our high school or other high schools in Shenzhen City according to Shenzhen Enrollment Policy. 
1、Objective:  Preparing students for Tsinghua University, Peking University, Youth Class of University of Science and Technology of China or other international famous universities. 
2、 Length of schooling:  completion of grade 6 and Junior 1-3 middle school courses within three years
3、 Development plan: 
  Finish grade 6 to grade 9 courses study within three years. Science are divided into physics, chemistry and biology; 
  Training students for National “Hua Luo Geng Cup” math competition and National Grade 9 Students Math Competition, making sure students win Gold Medal in “Hua Luo Geng Cup” and First Prize in National Grade 9 Students Math Competition.
4、 Enrollment: All the grade 4 and grade 5 primary school students in China.
5、 Admission Requirements:
  I   Gifted students, excellent both in study and conduct. 
  II  Excellent performance in comprehensive-evaluation.
  III Under same conditions, priority is given to First and Second Prize winner of Hua Luo Geng Cup.
6、 Application Procedure:
  I   How to apply:  Filling in the application form on the first floor of the admissions office.
  II  Comprehensive Evaluation: join the Math, Chinese, English test and interview on May16,2015.
  III Admission:  Top 30 students will be admitted from comprehensive evaluation.
  IV Health Check:  Admitted students join the health check in designated hospital.
  V Pay fees: All admitted student get the admission letter and pay the fees on the first floor of the admissions office
7、 Schooling:  day school, boarding or half-day boarding

Grade 7 Students 

1、Enrollment: Grade 6 primary school graduates.
2、Requirements:  all healthy students with good conduct and learning ability.
3、Enrollment plan:  
  I Hua Luo Geng Cup Youth Math Class:  1 class, 45 students
  II Math Experimental Class:   2 classes, 90 students (45 students each class)
  III Gifted International Class:3 classes, 75 students (25 students each class)
  IV SSAT class, preparing students for top 50 high schools in United States: 25 students
4、Application Procedure:
  I How to apply: Online application or filling in the application forms in the admissions office
  II Comprehensive Evaluation: join the Math, Chinese, English test on May 16, 2015 (Saturday), and join the interview if passing the test.
  III Health Check: all students pass the interview will have a health check in designated hospital
  IV Pay fees: All admitted students pay the fees on the first floor of the admissions office and establish student profile. 
5、Schooling:  day school, boarding or half-day boarding.