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Brief Introduction of Shenzhen Yaohua Experimental School

Shenzhen Yaohua Experimental School was founded in 2004 and is a K-12 private school.  Yaohuahas been certified as a Shenzhen Tier 1School, a Shenzhen International Curriculum Experimental School and one of Shenzhen’s best preparatory schools for higher education. The school is located in the central area of Shenzhen and covers an area of 31117 square meters and enjoys a construction area of 31000 square meters.

The initial goal of Yaohua is to establish a school with strong Chinese characteristics and international eminences; it aims at cultivating minds with creativity and of talents to answer the call of development in the 21st century.

Yaohua  adheres to the principle of morality and is committed to cultivating "pure, refined, erudite and active" Yaohua students. The school, having established the “Class Teacher Studio system”, observing the “No Littering Around on Campus” rule and the “Ten Morality Principles”, has built a well-rounded and self-management education model. Each teacher is not only responsible for imparting knowledge  of one subject, but also concerned about students’ psychological, emotional and interpersonal relationships.

Yaohua’s unique and innovative education system features the establishment of the basic education in China as the main part, with genius education and international education as important supplements. 

The basic education of the school is supported by advanced modern information technology. The employment of research study, group learning, autonomous learning and other learning methods serve well in the education for thedevelopment and progress of each student. The school has a scientific and complete curriculum system, covering eight categories including language and literature, mathematics, humanities, science, technology, art, sports and health, and comprehensive practice activities. The school has created a number of special classes to carry out a unique small class teaching mode, and has customized "intimate" growth plan for each student in order to meet the need of personalized education.

Yaohua prides itself in its genius education system. The aim of the genius education is to lay a solid foundation of life philosophy, behavior basis and learning foundation for cultivating the future social elite, and to promote their early entry into key university juvenile classes and universities at home and abroad.The genius education part in our schoolis a non-profit and highly-oriented programme that not only equips students with a good science basis, but also to improve the students’ education in humanities. Consequently, many of our graduates have won numerous accolades and awards in the national and international mathematical competitions As a result, they are favoured and selected as strong candidates for famous universities in China and around the world.

The school is actively conducting international course experiments. Yaohua boasts a 12-year international curriculum experiment system from elementary school to high school, combining Chinese basic education courses  and the international education curriculum, integrating learning with social practice. Moreover, our school has built a good rapport and has conducted many cooperations with thewell-known Singapore Raffles College, the Claremont College in America and other world-renowned schools. Furthermore, Yaohua students regularly carry out domestic and foreign activities, leaving footprints throughout the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

The school focuses on the overall development of students, providing a good platform of growth for students of different types and various interests. The school attaches great importance to the students’ confidence, sense of responsibility, leadership, creativity, communication skills, teamwork and other characteristics. In addition, the school is dedicated to the cultivation of students' athletic ability and artistic accomplishment. To illustrate, Yahohua has more than 100 students societies, such as badminton, basketball, soccer, tennis, taekwondo, martial arts, yoga, piano, guzheng(chinese zither), wind music, speech, debate, robot, unmanned aerial vehicle and so on, covering the four domains of public service, science and technology innovation, humanities and social sciences and sports art. The school also has launched Yaohua Gallery, piano competition, science and technology week, art festivals, sports and other activities. For instance, Yaohua students need to work out at least an hour a day. All the above is designed for achieving their full potential and comprehensive and personalized development.  More than 100 students have won awards in arts and sports competitions at the provincial and municipal, and national level. A prime representative is Jiang Xinzhe of the class of 2012 who won the first place in the American Schmidt piano contest and later was admitted to Northwestern University.

The school insists on charity. In order to help the students in poor mountainous areas, our school donated 30 million yuan(3.57 million in GBP) to establish the "Lu Ruihua Scholarship Class" and has recruited lower social class high school studentsfrom 14 prefecture-level cities of Guangdong Province in 2009. In order to promote the traditional culture of China, in 2009, our school donated 31.65 million yuan (3.76 million in GBP)  to the establishment of “YAOHUA SCHOLARSHIP OF THE CHINESE LANGUAGE EDUCATION FOUNDATION” to admit outstanding overseas Chinese students to carry out Chinese education. In March 2017, 43.65 million yuan (5.19 million in GBP) was contributed to launch the second phase of "YAOHUA SCHOLARSHIP INTERNATIONAL CLASS OF THE CHINESE LANGUAGE EDUCATION ". In November 2017, our school donated 80,90million yuan (9.61 million in GBP) to carry out the Global Chinese Composition Competition, as well as to start the Global Chinese Teenagers Mathematical Class. Since 2006, the amount of donations paid by our school for public service has accumulated more than 198 million yuan(23.56 million in GBP).

Yaohua’s12 years of education practice with dream, dedication and struggle has borne the sweet fruits of great academic record and social reputation

In 2011, Zhang Yilin, our first high school graduate, was successfully admitted into Peking University. In 2012, Xiao Ruikun won the first place among thousands of Shenzhen students in the national college entrance examination. The year 2010 is unprecedented: the 13 year-old Cao Yuan, 14-year-old Wang Jia Le and Fan Zili in our genius education program had completed the junior high school curriculum and the high school one within two years, participated in Guangdong Province college entrance examination, and were admitted to the University of Science and Technology of China and the Southern University of Science and Technology. At present, Cao is pursuing his doctoral  degree in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wang Jiale and Fan Zili is earning their doctorates at the University of Oxford and the University of California, Los Angeles respectively.

179 students in Classes A of The High school International Course Experiment, have entered the top 50 US universities. Among them, 34 students enrolled in the top 30 universities in the United States. 

Overseas Chinese Students Class has graduated 64 students among whom 35 were admitted to Peking University and Tsinghua University and the rest were admitted to  top 10 domestic elite admission.